Late to the Book Party

I haven’t been reading much lately. No, scratch that. Not lately, but for the past five years. I used to devour books on a monthly basis, sometimes even bi-weekly. Now, I’m like a (snow)flake that melts away and just don’t finish a book. Or forgets what I’ve even bought because, well, work, stuff, reasons. :/

In an attempt to recover, I kicked off 2018 with a goal of reading at least one book per month. And as I look at my current pile of unread dusty books, I realized that most of them were books I picked up because they were once popular, and some were classics I got curious with.

I decided to review and chronicle them here as I finish or not finish them. Kind of like a way to make up for letting them gather dust all these years time. Did they deserve the popularity or were they just overhyped? Did I miss half my life not reading them ’til now?

And aside from these books I’ve already hoarded, I’m also chronicling other popular books (mainstream and classics) that I’ve yet to read, but finally did (I’m using did instead of will as an extra push for myself hehe). There’s a loooong list waiting for me. 😀

On Writing by Stephen King
1984 by George Orwell

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