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Dear reader,

Telyouwhat is a Pinay expat’s journal/digital sounding board. This Pinay currently lives in Taipei and works as a technical writer, writing about things you probably wouldn’t read unless you have to or your tech life depends on it. This Pinay has a name and it’s Tel. She has always wondered what it’s like to write about herself in 3rd person. Now she thinks she should’ve done it sooner.

This blog originated in 2013, but unfortunate circumstances wiped her previous posts (October 2017 and older) off the face of the Internet.

If you’ve been here before, you probably know what the blog name means. If you’re a bagong salta, Telyouwhat is a word play on “tell you what” and said blogger’s nickname “Tel.” In this space, she gets to say a piece of her mind that’s probably different from most folks. Or so she thinks. And she would like to share it because this is where she writes as her unedited (except for the grammar shenanigans if she’s feeling OC about it), unadulterated self. This blog reminds her of her true voice as a writer, practiced while writing on travels, info for those who want to discover Taiwan, and random life stuff. If you’re into gadgets, you might find some of her tech blogs useful too…hopefully.

This blog has evolved from its humble Blogger days, back in 2013…to its Telyouwhat phase, prior to the 2017 blogpocalypse…and now Tel hopes to keep this for as long as she can, without interference from #*#)@$&# hosting services. None of the posts you’d find here are sponsored, especially the reviews. The views and opinions expressed here are solely Tel’s and don’t reflect that of the brands/companies mentioned. Just thought she needed to say that.

You can get in touch with the hand that feeds this blog via telyouwhat@gmail.com and if you aren’t convinced that she is who she says she is, feel free to add her in LinkedIn. But, as always, she hopes you’d refrain from sending spam. Unless it’s one that comes in a rectangle can, flavored turkey, or with 50% less salt. Oh, and she also likes anything Delimondo, especially ranch-flavored corn beef, she thought it wouldn’t hurt to say that.

Thanks and best regards,

Tel, 11/24/2017

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