Book Depository: The Bookworm’s BFF

I’m looking at my pile of books right now and the unfinished business are taking over my shelf. But you know what, this is the excess I live for. And as a reminder of how I got myself here…guess what. Or not, coz it’s probably pretty obvious by now. I have decided to add one more in my growing list of unfinished business.

For books that I couldn’t find in my local bookstores, I go to Book Depository. This is my second purchase so far, and on both times my purchases arrived almost 2 weeks after being marked as dispatched from either UK or Australia. For now, Book Depository only has these two countries to ship from. But the reach of their shipping goes far beyond these places. And it is for this reason, and recent experiences, that I decided to give them a well-deserved review.

I actually forgot when and how I got to know them, but it was just late last year. I’ve never been a fan of online shopping because it’s not easy to wait days or weeks for something you’re anticipating to get. It’s not delayed gratification. It’s bordering on self-torture haha. Books were a good starting point for me, should I ever really get into online shopping, because as much as I love Eslite they don’t have the biggest collection of English books I’ve ever seen. Cases in point are my Lullaby and On Writing books that have to be purchased from Book Depository.

So what do I specifically like about this online bookstore?

Free Shipping

Doesn’t matter how many books you buy or what type of book you buy, you get FREE SHIPPING all the freaking time if your country is on this list. This is actually the main reason I’ve been so into Book Depository. My latest purchase was just NTD 274 and I still got them without any extra charges!

And since we’re talking about shipping, I’d also like to inform you that the package comes in a bubble-wrapped envelope. This one used the paper envelope, but I remember my previous purchase came in a carton one, then the book inside was bubble-wrapped tightly.

carton package

Better price range

Book Depository sells books from different publishers, so prices vary. You can also select prices based from your location’s currency (if available). Hardbounds are, of course, pricier than paperbacks. Differences in prices between paperbacks may also vary depending on the cover, and I think this is a neat way that caters to book collectors who are particular about book covers.

Book discounts also happen all the time. I’ve actually gotten both of my books at discounted prices. And you can rest assured that you are going to get them as brand new and in good condition. That fresh book paper smell gives it away.

The best surprise that comes with your purchase (as if free shipping wasn’t enough!) is that you’re also going to get a free bookmark! Couldn’t think of a more apt thank you to your purchase.

Excellent Customer Service

While on my latest purchase, I originally bought two books and noticed that one of them haven’t been marked as dispatched days after the other one has been. The un-dispatched book was also the pricier of the two. So I emailed Book Depository’s customer support to check in on the Mindhunter book. They promptly replied within a matter of minutes. It’s nice to see that there’s an actual person who replies to your queries, with a full name, and not just some chat bot.

Suffice it to say, I got my refund! I’m not sure if it was refunded a couple of days but it was back into my account in full. Yey!


So the next time you’re on the hunt for hard to find books, I would definitely recommend Book Depository. They’re the best-kept secret of book hoarders like me.

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