I had a post before this one entitled, Da Return of the Da Comeback, but I decided to delete it because it contained 90% rant and the rest was existential meaning of life or something like dat. I thought that if I were to resuscitate this blog then I might as well start with something positive or something that wouldn’t be making you feel like you’re reading through a soap opera script.

Let’s start by making lemon pies, lemon cakes, lemon juice, and even lemon squares out of life’s many lemons.

But, okay, how do you actually pull out something good from a big loss? Let’s be honest, loss is never easy—whether it’s hair loss or heartbreak—a loss is an abstract hole in your heart/soul. It can never be replaced by anyone/anything else in the exact way the previous occupant did.

So what lemon am I talking about? What loss did I suffer?

I lost all of the posts I wrote previously. Posts I wrote when I was trying to make sense of life, when I was in the heat of traveling, posts that put in a good word for the fabulous places I’ve been to. Posts that helped people enjoy traveling, especially to Taiwan. Posts that made me realize I found my professional calling. Posts that made me realize life is beautiful and it’s not just a movie title. But because I forgot to pay my hosting services last month, I lost all of those things that were part of me for the past 4 years. The curious thing was when I realized what had happened, I didn’t feel like throwing a fit, or you know throwing anything near me. My mind went like, shit so what do I do now, and before I knew it, I was signing up for Hostgator to revive my blog. Unfortunately, because I didn’t back up all my previous posts, there’s no way for me to move them here too. I suspect I have to pay my previous web host to hand over my “hostaged” content somewhere in their server. But who has time for that? Not me.

While I started to think about what my Lazarus blog would be like, I realized that perhaps all that loss was a good thing. That it’s precisely what I needed.

It’s a way for me to start over and breathe a more focused soul into my blog. Not that the previous one wasn’t, but I have to admit it’s become a bit skewed these past few months. It has grown and forked into ways that tangled. I’ve been so engrossed with introducing Taiwan to people, making reviews, and writing about tech, that I myself got confused about what Telyouwhat is anymore. It stopped being a journal of a Pinay expat who’s making sense of the world in her own terms. It has become a blog that’s no different from other travel blogs out there, tech reviews out there, and for what? For the AdSense income? A reformat was needed so I can weed out the inconsistencies, so I can come back to the reasons why I started blogging in the first place. So, yeah. Blessing in the skies, ‘ika nga.

These probably sound madrama but, you know, we writers (probably tech writers are exempted) are madrama like dat. When we write, we make hugot from the inside, eh alangan namang sa kasu-kasuan at atay balunan kami humugot. Well, could be if we’re writing about healthy tips or food reviews. Aheniwaaay, Imma just say that I’m glad I’m back and I think this time is more exciting because I’ve been in Taiwan for more than 5 years now, been to more places, met more people, and have been through more in life so more drama! Joke onli.

Even if I can never bring back all of my favorite posts, those articles I’ve been proud to write about and have the actual experience to talk about, posts that connected me to people, I’m still happy that they happened. And if it weren’t for those pieces, I wouldn’t realize what kind of blogger I want to be…which at this point, I already know. Fully.

And here’s a lemon juice toast to all future posts, to a resuscitated Telyouwhat.

To being back, truly better than ever. 🙂

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